Chunkin’ Punkin’ Ale

Well now, this post is LONG overdue. In fact, I started writing it September 23rd…dang. Sorry for the lack of activity folks, I’ve been extremely busy splitting my time between work, social life, and figuring out what exactly what direction I want to take (career wise) with my life. I’ve finally decided that I will be going to school for brewing and will hopefully make a fun career out of it. Now that we’ve got all the personal mumbo jumbo out of the way, let’s get into what I really want to talk about.

I put together an all grain recipe for a pumpkin ale, aka Chunkin Punkin Ale, which uses pumpkin puree, vanilla, pumpkin spice (that I made), molasses, brown sugar, oats, east kent goldings (hops), vienna malt, carmel/crystal malt, and of course pale 2-row.

With all the hype I’ve been gathering from friends and family about drinking my beer, I decided that for this batch I wanted to keg it and still have bottles to hand out; so I brewed 8 gallons (enough for a 5 gallon corny keg and a case of 12oz bottles). Unfortunately, due to the large amount of trub loss (the pumpkin puree), it came out a bit shy of that, so I’ll be short a few bottles, no biggie.

The brew day went fairly smooth, not really. I ended up forgetting that I never finished building my larger immersion chiller, so I rushed to do that during the mash. Then during the boil I realized that I had forgotten to buy ice to cool it down. Then while it was cooling down, I realized that the water flow going through my pre-chiller and out the immersion chiller was a mere trickle due to my pump not being strong enough for the newer larger immersion chiller. Needless to say, quite a few things went wrong, but I learned from my mistakes and have since rectified my equipment.

The Chunkin’ Punkin’ Ale is currently sitting in my fermentation chamber in secondary for the start of week four. The reason its been sitting so long is simply due to the fact that I decided to order custom bottle caps from and I’m waiting patiently (it’s hard) for them to arrive. I have to say, despite the many issues I had while brewing this beer, it’s definitely turned out to be one of my more favorable brew days – not to mention the beer tasted great going into the secondary and at 6.6% ABV it’s sure to be a nice fall/winter warmer.

I’m also working on a label for this wonderful pumpkin ale. I’ll post it up once I’m finished! For now, I’ve included an album via my facebook page for your viewing pleasure, below:


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